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Visit our unique gardens and plant nursery in the heart of Somerset


We were walking in our small garden one warm summer’s evening. Dave was tired from laying slabs for a client and I remember thinking it was a shame that his extraordinary talent for creating magic with plants was being wasted! And as we talked about what we might do in the future…one of us (I can’t remember who) said – wouldn’t it be great if we could create a fabulous big garden of our own in a field somewhere – a garden that people would want to come and see.

…….and in that moment an idea was born……

Some 3 years later….not a field, nor very big but we found a place which seemed to us to have something special about it. The name of the cottage was Keepers Cottage (originally built for the local game keeper) and we very much felt the invitation to be ‘keepers of the space’ for a time. Dave knew that we could create a really lovely garden here and so we started……that was 3 years ago at the end of May. Since then we’ve experienced one of the wettest Springs and also one of the driest Springs and two of the coldest winters on record.  I’ve had my ‘’Margot Moments’’ (the ”other side” of The Good Life)……and we’ve both been too tired to move on occasions – but we’ve completely changed the existing garden, dug up car-park, remains of old sheds and cleared masses of rubble……….

There’s still more to do. To finish the first phase we need to complete the new entrance and to get the tearoom ready……(fortunately we’ve got help on these parts of the project!)

 But we’re nearly there! We’ll be updating this site with our opening date and putting up our signs as soon as we can! In the meantime, enjoy the photos………


May 2022

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